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Words with Purpose; Songs with Soul

It almost goes without saying that words have purpose. They can instruct, inform, entertain, encourage or frighten, heal or harm. The stories they shape can divide communities or unite nations; open minds, touch hearts, and heal souls.

In my work in progress, Son of Prophecy, words set curses and manipulate truths. They forge unlikely alliances, break sacred vows, and seduce the fears and hopes of Ka’el’s king, Athrel, a man bound by tainted blood and holy prophecy. The hell-sworn Nethmals have laid claim to his kingdom. To deliver his country from war, he will need to accept his tainted heritage. To find holiness for Ka’el, he will need to deny everything he believed good.

Songs should move us to connect with one another and seek the source of their beauty. I’m pleased to include some of my compositions – psalm settings, hymn arrangements, and original songs – below. Just click on the link to listen.

Psalm 19: Your Words, O Lord, Are Spirit and Life

Feel free to explore the site to find more purposeful words and insights into my yet-to-be-published novel. Thanks for stopping by!