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‘Lumens’ in the world of Ka’el are spheres of light that appear on upraised hands during holy prayer. They rarely occur, and in the story time of Son of Prophecy, are considered suspect by the most religious leaders. King Athrel, the story’s protagonist, experiences these lights and learns to trust not only their wisdom, but the hope they bring to those waiting prophecy’s fulfillment.

The prayers below are offered in a spirit of trust and hope, to give light to your journey.

The Water Prayer

I am so ordinary, so common and 'everyday'.
Sometimes even taken for granted.

But today, dear God, you have drawn me from the well,
Set me aside from the rest for a special purpose
At this specific time and place.

And although I do not know what part I am to play,
I know that now, whenever I flow or refresh,
cleanse or quench,
I will also bless,

Because you, God, have called me,
You have changed my life, 
And from this time on, 
I will never be 
the same again.